Dua Lipa just entered her naked eyebrow era and looks unrecognisable

I'm sure we can all agree that Dua Lipa has many talents. Singing and dancing come to mind, but as a beauty obsessive, I would say her biggest achievement is her utterly perfect eyebrows. If brows could win awards, I'm sure she would have many (sitting next to her many Grammy's, of course). So, to say we were shocked when we saw she had bleached them would be an understatement. Who had Dua rocking the naked eyebrow trend on their bingo card for 2023? Not us.

Sometimes change is needed; we've shed a tear for her old dark arches (RIP) and adjusted to the new look, and I have to say, it's pretty stunning. See for yourself:

The singer has ditched the brows for a Vogue France cover, so there's a chance that this isn't a permanent change. She's paired the new blonde sisters (remember, eyebrows are never twins) with slicked-back wet-look hair that embodies the epitome of Parisian chic.

She joins the naked brow club that includes the likes of Cara Delevingne, Noah Cyrus and Kylie Jenner – just to name a few. It's safe to say, Dua is in a good group.

As beauty transformations go, this is a pretty big one. To think we were shocked by her Birkin bangs earlier this month, we clearly didn't know what was coming.

Whether she keeps these blonde arches or returns to her au natural colour, one thing is for sure: Dua Lipa can do no wrong in the beauty department.

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