Dry January: change your thinking on alcohol-free 'spirits'

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The premium non-alcoholic drinks department imitating all the traits of spirits is booming

Presented in beautiful bottles, their formulas are full of subtle flavors and are perfect for using cocktails. All without containing a single drop of alcohol. These new-generation beverages, which mimic the traits of spirits, excluding the intoxicant, can help you meet the challenge of "dry January."

Locally made in Cornwall

In the land of gin, a brand from Cornwall in England has dared to create a non-alcoholic aperitif and digestif. High Point Drinks went all local for its production, using local spring water and ingredients harvested in the Cornish countryside, combined with tea leaves, to develop this line of fermented spirits. High Point Ruby offers a taste of spice that finishes with a slightly bitter note thanks to the lemon, while the digestive High Point Amber features a smoky flavor.

From the vine

French company Osco's organic and alcohol-free aperitif was awarded the gold medal at the Epicures competition in the category of non-alcoholic drinks. The beverage is made from the juice of green grapes, harvested before they are ripe, which is called verjuice. The liquid, with an ingredient list that features plants harvested in southern France's Provence region, has a distinctly tart flavor, which makes it possible to leave out lemons. Committed to its "made in France status" and its respect for the environment, the brand's bottling is done near Tours while the label is printed in Bas-Rhin.

Ashwagandha tequila

Ash-what? In short, this is Indian ginseng. The plant, a staple in Ayurvedic medicine, is valued for its stress and anxiety-reducing properties. And it happens to be the key ingredient in products by the Mockingbird Spirit brand, which offers an alcohol-free tequila. Like the Mexican elixir that is essential for making a margarita, this beverage concocted by an English entrepreneur uses Weber blue agave. The recipe, which is the first non-alcoholic tequila made in England, can be enjoyed with a wedge of lime, mixed with soda or as an ingredient in cocktails traditionally inspired by tequila, such as a tequila sunrise.

Cannabis-infused whisky

Juniper, coriander, cardamom, sorrel, cucumber, apple, mint, parsley, sumac, thyme, rosemary... This explosive botanical-based cocktail is obtained through a process of hydrosteam distillation. This is the solution dreamed up by Californian brand Amass to refine its spirit entitled Afterdream. Based on cannabis, the drink makes up for the absence of alcohol with a bouquet of aromatic herbs, vegetables and fruits. Just like any other whisky, this spirit can be enjoyed on a bed of ice. Be careful though, because this new recipe not only contains CBD, but also THC, the active psychotropic ingredient of cannabis. Other non-alcoholic spirits from the label, such as gin-like Riverine, are THC-free.

The French touch

While the UK has become a master in the art of concocting alcohol-free spirits, France has certainly not said its last word! The Nolow brand has made a remarkable foray into this trending scene with what it calls its "botanical blend." The mixture is made from the distillation of ginger, juniper, lemon and mint. Herbs and spices are sourced from Morocco, citrus fruits from Seville, while the drink is crafted with care in France. The drink is available on the brand's online store , where you can also find an organic non-alcoholic beer.

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