Drunk man takes a taxi to his parents' house, falls asleep on the couch only to realise his parents don't live there anymore

Thomas Airlie, fast asleep like a drunk little angel, gave the mother who now lives in his parents’ old house a big shock. (Photo: Thomas Airlie via Twitter)

While it’s hard to be on top of your game while you’re intoxicated, there are three rules to a successful night of heavy drinking.

One, make sure you have the holy trinity on you: phone, wallet, keys.

Two, don’t drive.

Three, make sure you get home safely.

Thomas Airlie probably thought he was in the clear when he ordered a taxi to take him to his parents’ house to sleep off a night out with the guys.

He entered the home, took his shoes off at the door, went to the kitchen to get himself a juice, and laid down on the couch. All was well.

Except, his parents did not live in that house anymore, and they hadn’t for two years.

Elaine McDade, a dance teacher, and mother of two, lived there, and while Thomas proved to be very polite, it still is a scary situation to realise there’s a 26-year-old stranger in your home.

Every time I come into my house I lock my door behind me. Every time, it’s a habit! Even during the day, I always do it. The one and only time I don’t!” McDade shared on Facebook. She and her children were in bed, watching TV when McDade went to get a drink. That’s when she spotted Airlie. 

When I saw him I woke him up straight away. I even asked him if he used to live here, or if he lived in the same street now and had just got the wrong door,” McCade told Daily Mail.

She called her husband, who was at work, and he arrived to drive Airlie home. Except, Airlie couldn’t remember where he lived, so McCade’s husband dropped him at a supermarket instead. Eventually, someone who knew Airlie’s parents sent him the photo McCade snapped of him on her couch, and he profusely apologised to her on Facebook.

In the end, everyone was safe, save for some ribbing from Airlie’s friends.

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