'Drugs' Singer UPSAHL Sounds Like An Angel Live | Singing In The Shower | Cosmopolitan

'Drugs' and 'People I Don't Like' singer/songwriter UPSAHL has some truly genius songs about your love/hate relationship with parties. Bonus? She sounds amazing live! Watch more Singing in the Shower https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HPx_vXw82k&list=PLrx4fxhgMUOaO_usvNBYa5jwWY2PfGl7S 🛁 Catch UPSAHL covering MIA's 'Bad Girls' and singing acoustic versions of own songs live from her bathtub, just for Cosmopolitan! 🚿 Love Cosmo? Then come join our ~ elite ~ members-only crew. Sign up for Cosmo Unlocked: cosmopolitan.com/joinnow 🔓