Drew Barrymore's Best Performances, Ranked

drew barrymore in 'the wedding singer'
Drew Barrymore's Best Performances, RankedArchive Photos - Getty Images

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If you're a millennial female, chances are you grew up watching many a Drew Barrymore romantic comedy, "chick flick," or whatever you like to call these feel-good films (The Wedding Singer, anyone?). While many will agree these are classics, it's also no secret that Barrymore could also nail a more serious role in a drama like Riding in Cars With Boys or an action-packed film like Charlie's Angels. Even if her current daytime talk-show now gives you your Drew fix, plenty of her films are worth rewatching. Here are our top eight Drew Barrymore performances, ranked.

Never Been Kissed

Who could forget when Drew Barrymore's character, newspaper reporter (and former nerd) Josie Geller, goes undercover as a high school student and ends up falling for her teacher in the process? It's really hard to not root for her character the whole way through this late '90s classic.

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The Wedding Singer

This was Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler's first collab, and arguably the best of the handful of films they've starred in together (sorry 50 First Dates fans). In this film, Sandler plays a wedding singer who's been ditched by his fiancée and ends up falling for waitress Julia (played by Barrymore) who's enlisted him to help plan her wedding.

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drew barrymore in 'the wedding singer'
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Ever After

In this Cinderella-inspired film, Barrymore plays a teenager who's been forced into servitude for her stepmother and stepsisters after the death of her father during the French Renaissance. She eventually ends up falling for a prince after a chance meeting.

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This classic Steven Spielberg put Barrymore on the map in a huge way, even if it was technically her second acting role. She plays the role of Gertie, little sister to main protagonist Elliott, who befriends the strange alien central to the story.

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Charlie's Angels

In this remake of the 1970s television series, Barrymore plays Dylan, one of three private investigators armed with the latest tools and technology to track down and save a kidnapped billionaire. Barrymore's chemistry with co-stars Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, along with cool action moves, make this a fun watch today.

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Whip It

This film stars Elliott Page as an angsty small-town teenager who befriends and joins a roller derby league, which includes Barrymore's character Smashley Simpson. Barrymore also directed this excellent sports dramedy.

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Riding in Cars With Boys

In this drama, adapted from the autobiography of Beverly D'Onofrio (who Barrymore plays), a teen mom navigates the challenges of motherhood while trying to continue her education and realize her dream of becoming a writer.

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Music and Lyrics

In this romantic comedy, Hugh Grant plays Alex Fletcher, a washed up singer who has just days to write a chart-topping hit for a young pop star. He meets Sophie Fisher (Barrymore), who is helping water his plants, and enlists her help with the songwriting when he notices her way with words. They’ll fall for each other in the process!

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