Drew Barrymore raves over drugstore eye cream

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore uses a drugstore product to help target dark under-eye circles.

In the latest instalment of her "beauty junkie" videos on Instagram, the Hollywood actress/entrepreneur opened up about her skincare regime and highlighted the Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream as one of her absolute favourite formulas.

"If you can find an eye cream that actually has that peachy pigment, it will in itself fight (dark circles). I like to dab it on and then what I'll do is, I'll wear this out instead of concealer. I will go around with this eye cream," she said, before demonstrating how she taps the cream underneath each eye. "The dark circle has disappeared at least 60, 70 per cent... it's sort of the perfect alchemy of skincare as make-up."

Drew went on to explain that it's best to wear eye cream on its own.

"I don't recommend putting make-up on top of eye creams, it can curdle like cream and a hot tomato sauce, and you don't want that," the 45-year-old insisted. "This on its own not only acts as a concealer, brightening and lightening the effect and look of a dark circle, but it is also taming the dark circle while you're wearing it... I love this - it's my tried and true."

In addition, Drew also gushed over the Day Glow Highlighting Glaze from her Flower Beauty cosmetics brand, and Sunday Riley's Good Genes, an exfoliating lactic acid treatment.

"I just do it maybe once, twice a week. It has this lemony fresh, sort of functional scent but it's really great because it is kind of doing this amazing polish to your face. Don't wear this out in the daylight, this is an indoor product," she added.

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