Drew Barrymore inspired by Madonna and Cher’s style growing up

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore looked to Madonna, Cher, and Elton John for style inspiration growing up.

The Never Been Kissed actress was famous from a young age and became a burgeoning style icon when she was only a teenager. However, Drew’s look has changed vastly over the years, something she learned from the fashion and beauty chameleons she was inspired by as a girl.

"I loved Madonna. I loved Elton John. I always was drawn to people who ... Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda. You never knew what they were going to look like as a character or in a movie or the way they were wearing their hair and make-up, the style. Cher. This was what inspired me growing up," she told Allure of her biggest influences. "I loved the theatrics, but I really loved the curiosity, the burning question of what are they going to do next, and then when they present that."

The Charlie’s Angels star has also explained the concept of style chameleons to her daughters Olive, seven, and Frankie, five.

"I was teaching my daughters that that's the term — chameleon — that they change their colours," the 44-year-old explained, giving them a contemporary example. "(Lady) Gaga is the epitome of that. And she really reminds me of David Bowie, and there was a moment where she did his tribute at the Grammys and was him, and I thought it was just the perfect alignment of the stars."

Elsewhere in the interview, Drew shared how she has become increasingly critical of her appearance in recent years and insisted that she hates what she sees when she’s doing photoshoots.

“I will literally eviscerate myself. And I just think, 'You know what? Eventually, I don't want to do this anymore because I don't want to look at myself that way,” she said.

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