Dreams Don’t See Your Status; They See Your Passion and Hard Work- A Story of Sam Reklaw

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Many people, especially in your twenties, teach you that success lies in good grades, being a top-class student, and being a worker at a renowned company. But nobody tells you to live the way you want to; nobody teaches you that success lies in freedom, embracing anything that makes you happy, and most importantly, in being you!

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This little story revolves around one British actor, co-producer, 2018 CNA racing champion, traveler of over 50 countries, and motorsport professional - Sam Reklaw. It may sound far-fetched to read about so many achievements of a single person, but believe it, it ain’t any fiction.

But how is it all possible?

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Sam has completed a journey from hell to heaven with his passion, motivation, and self-love. He says, “Convince yourself that the only person you can rely on in this world is yourself, the world owes you nothing, nobody will save you, nobody will give you the things you’ve always dreamed of. So every day, you must wake up broke and hungry, convince yourself that no matter how good yesterday was, today you are broke, and you must win at all costs.

Sam found himself homeless at the age of 15, dropped out of high school, worked as a pizza delivery guy, gave up on his degree and whatnot. He may have failed all the earlier battles, but he won all that one needs for a good life with his dedication, motivation, and self-confidence.

He pursued his dream of being a business starter of any sector and even had a tremendous loss and ended up in jail. But guess what? Sam never lost hope, nor did he regret any of his decisions. “I have no regrets; it’s better to learn and make bad decisions in your early twenties while you still have a lot of runway ahead of you; you can and should take any risk in order to win. Accept the loss, learn from it, get up, and move forward”. And this is what makes Sam stand out in a crowd of hundreds.

This 32-year-old man himself embraces this truth that entrepreneurs like him are not very common in this world. He knows that not everyone has that trait of learning from failures, being a boss and not a worker, and quirk to succeed for their dreams. Otherwise, wouldn’t every other person be Sam Reklaw?

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