Dragon Head-wearing Kid Distributes Energy Drink To Migrant Workers, Spreads CNY Festive Cheer

Jia Ling

As we ease into the Chinese New Year festivities in Singapore, thoughts of gathering with our loved ones come to mind: the piping hot hotpot, fragrant festive delights… you get the gist. For the kids, they might be excited to receive angbaos and playing with their cousins. While revelling in the hearty atmosphere, it can be easy to forget that there are others who do not have this luxury.

But not for this family, at least, who went the extra mile to distribute packets of drink to community workers in their neighbourhood. 

Family Distribute Drinks To Community Workers To ‘Spread Kindness’

“Spread Kindness,” wrote mummy Angie Sim (@lifestinymiracles) in her instagram post.

“Even as we prepare to feast on good food and the warmth of family, we want our children to remember those who are working extra hard this season but do not have their loved ones beside them in Singapore.”

According to Angie, her husband David and children—Dana and Buddy—had set off early last Sunday, 19 January 2020, to send some festive cheer to the unsung heroes in their neighbourhood.

Photo: Angie Sim / lifestinymiracles

Construction workers, cleaners and security guards were greeted by Buddy, geared with a dragon “head-wear” handing out packets of milo drinks. 

The simple and thoughtful gesture had smiles plastered over the workers’ faces as they edged closer for a photo with the ‘dragon head-wearing kid’.

It was a heartwarming sight to behold. 

Photo: Angie Sim / lifestinymiracles

Photo: Angie Sim / lifestinymiracles

“Not commercialization of charity”


If you have noticed, only milo packet drinks were given out, even with the milo logo prominently displayed on the dragon headgear.


But Angie made her stand clear and said: “No, @milosingapore did not send us to do this”.


“It’s not commercialization of charity,” nor done to “get anyone’s praises or attention,” she added.


Her family’s gestures were all because her kids love milo, so as for many others around the world, she mentioned.


Dana and Buddy with their favourite milo drinks. | Photo: Angie Sim / lifestinymiracles


And it doesn’t stop there. In Angie’s reply to one of her commentors, she said: “T his time it’s Milo. Next week perhaps mandarin oranges and chocs! Something to bring cheer to these unseen heroes working tirelessly while we feast and make merry.”


Angie hopes that with her sharing, it can hopefully inspire others to do the same—that it takes very little to be kind. 


“This CNY, let’s be intentional in choosing to spread kindness,” she ends off her post. 


why is kindness important

It’s important to show our children why is kindness important. | Photo: Angie Sim / lifestinymiracles

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