Dr Tracy Timberlake: Charting a Success Story as a Multi-Award-Winning Business Coach, Online Influencer, Million-Dollar Course Creator, and So Much More

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An entrepreneur, speaker and woman of substance, she has earned the title of “The Entrepreneur Whisperer.”

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Dr. Tracy Timberlake was a young girl from Miami with big dreams and no idea how to make them happen who did the “normal” college to a corporate thing.

"My mission is to live my life in a way that shows others what's possible for theirs."

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Dr. Tracy Timberlake was diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder that she knew was more spiritual than clinical. She realized that it was “my body's way of reacting to something I had kept inside for so long! And was now demanding to be let out”.

And it was around this time that she found YouTube. And on her bathroom floor, with a flat iron in hand is where it all began. One video let to 2, then 3, then hundreds! And once she realized she could sustain herself just by being herself...it was on!

As a YouTube influencer, she worked with some pretty amazing brands, including L'Oreal, Marc Jacobs, Turkish Airlines. But, looking back, she knows that was just a stepping stone to something so much BIGGER than just she and her little YouTube Channel!


Dr. Tracy Timberlake realized that her true passion is in coaching and entrepreneurship! So, she took time out to study the industry empirically. As a doctoral student, her dissertation explored the efficacy and perceptions of business coaching. She didn't do this for her. She did it for you! Because she wanted to make sure that she was building her digital empire on solid foundations based on inexperience, but also in research.

Now, she gets the chance to coach and teach all over the world. And Dr. Tracy Timberlake is really proud to say that she has been blessed with the opportunity to build a digital brand that has served millions of people in over 100 countries!

Whether its the free content distributed through her Award-Winning YouTube Channel, Social Media accounts, and blog or through her paid Coaching programs. She helps Coaches, Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Influencers understand how to leverage the digital landscape to share their message, express their gifts, and make money while doing it.

Dr. Tracy Timberlake empower people to take control of their lives, by taking control of their dreams!

Now it's YOUR TURN!

Dr. Tracy Timberlake truly believes that in order for you to flourish, you need to live the life that was meant for you! Your gifts, talents, knowledge, education, experience, and identity are not just for you! They are meant for you to share with the world!

Dr. Tracy Timberlake also believes that your dreams were given to you for a reason and they are your responsibility. If you have a desire to pursue full-time entrepreneurship as a coach or a consultant, don't delay! Someone is waiting for the gift that you have to give.

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