Dr Shagun Gupta Felicitated With Pharma Leaders Power Brand Awards 2021 for Her Path Breaking Achievement in Permanent Make-Up

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Indian Entrepreneur and permanent make-up expert Dr Shagun Gupta is already a known name in the field of permanent make-up and she has also excelled in the field of permanent make-up business only through her hard work and dedication. Owing to her excellent achievements in the permanent Make-up field, Dr. Shagun Gupta was recently fecilitated with the prestigious "Pharma leaders power brand Awards 2021" with the hands of very well known Dr. Mukesh Batra, founder of Dr Batra's group of companies. The prestigious award show took place in Mumbai.

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Excited to receive the award, Dr. Shagun Gupta says "The award which I received is related to the field of permanent make up, micro pigmentation, hyaluron pen, medical and cosmetic pigmentation, and this achievement is only because of my hard work, studies and knowledge in this respective field."

She further adds, "This kind of award functions gives a lot of people opportunity to share knowledge and their work. It is a great platform for sharing, learning and giving knowledge to everyone who's seeking it."

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Dr. Shagun Gupta has already introduced various methods using the latest digital machines for make up which includes eyebrow designing, semi-permanent makeup, eyelash extensions and designs, BB glow, hyaluron pen, fibroblast plasma pen, micro-needling, cosmetic tattoo removal, icy lips techniques and many other under her flagship label ‘Shagun Gupta’.

Well, Shagun is confident enough to receive more such awards and says this is just the beginning as the permanent make-up industry is growing bigger and bigger day by day and alongside, her label 'Shagun Gupta' is doing good through hard-work and indepth study and research in the field.

Finally to conclude, Dr. Shagun gives this special message to all the permanent make up lovers, She says " This is not just a superficial make up thing but it is also a deep intense study which has medical and physical expects and lot more other important things in permanent make-up.

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