Dr Obaid Al Ketbi Is Leading Others To Health Worldwide

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How did you get started? Share more about yourself and the environment you grew up in as a child… Tell us about yourself. What’s your background?

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I was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates prior to what it has become today. Life was not so easy back then; it was much more demanding as the young country continued to grow, evolve, and develop. My story began with “1185,” my military number. I wear these every day to remind me of how far I have come since those days; it keeps me grounded.

After a successful career in the military, I moved to a very senior position in the Abu Dhabi Police, where one of the highlights in my very colorful career was leading the development of the security team for the First Formula 1 event in the Middle East. This was extremely successful, and the process has become the template for many other events.

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After my career in the police, I was selected to be an Ambassador for the United Arab Emirates to Australia and to the Vanuatu Islands.

After my diplomatic career, I have since retired from government life and am focusing on my own family businesses. I am driven to give back to the country that has given me so much.

What was your ah-ha moment that set you on the path you are on today?

My “ah-ha” moment was during one of my military tours. I was leading the humanitarian aid effort within a refugee camp in Kukus, Kosovo in the 1990s. There, I was responsible for the health and safety of over 15,000 people. Shortly after the tour, the work and stress took a toll on my health to the point where my eyesight suffered. I was rushed to the hospital, where I was diagnosed as a prediabetic with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

After this experience, I completely changed my mindset going forward and dedicated my time towards focusing on living a healthy lifestyle – through exercise and diet.

Throughout my lifetime, I tried to find the best opportunities to provide inspiration to others to live an active lifestyle and eat well. Additionally, I preached focusing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Tell us about your company. What services do you provide?

My company, Sehaty, focuses on the improvement of oneself through diet and activity. We are sourcing the cleanest foods and supplements, ensuring that our customers consume the healthiest products possible.

What core values do you hold that help guide you in business?

The core values that guide me in business include discipline, devotion, and faith. You have to be disciplined to make things happen, you need devotion to see things through, and faith in what you believe. With these 3 things, you can achieve anything.

What is the key to forging powerful fruitful partnerships in business?

When partnering with others, I look to build an authentic relationship based on ethics and trust. You are only as strong as the people around you.

What are you seeing in your industry or market right now?

We are planning to make a strong print in the MENA region and franchise globally. With the online markets being what they are today, we want to be the go-to-market for health and wellness. We want our customers to trust our seal, knowing that we will bring you the best products for the right purpose.

What is your vision for the future of your industry?

Within our industry, we want to be the “go-to” for those interested in health and wellness. Everyone has the right to live their best version of life, I am just providing tools to help them achieve it.

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