Dr. Chris Cole Shares 4 Lessons From His Entrepreneurship Journey

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Dr. Chris Cole is a finance guru, seven-figure trader, and Risk manager of financial instruments. He is the owner of 9+ businesses and has traded stocks for more than a decade. Through the merger of Rush Cole Capital and RLT Atwood International limited, Chris Cole also became the African-American person to be the director of a listed and publicly traded company.

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After experimenting with his business strategies in the real world and creating multiple-figure businesses, Dr. Chris Cole plans to impart his learning through his own education platform called BWO Academy. The academy aims to teach its students ways to create generational wealth. It strives to guide students and eventually make them self-sufficient. The academy offers 13+ live courses, Live access to the conference, and business partnership opportunities.October 2021 he will also be announcing new strategic partnerships that will allow traders from all backgrounds and regions to expand their knowledge and skill set in the world of risk management.

Over the course of running multiple businesses, Chris has realized that some lessons are universal no matter what kind of business one does. He shares four of his key learnings here.

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1 Hire Efficient People

Dr. Cole lives by the quote that a company is as good as the people that work in it. He believes that the growth of an organization is directly proportional to the people who run it. Chris advises hiring people who share a similar vision as your organization. Such people tend to be more dedicated and focused on the growth of the organization. Moreover, it is also essential to make your employees feel like they are an integral part of the organization. Entrepreneurs should create a safe space for employees to share ideas and feedback.

2 Build Systems

An efficient entrepreneur creates a system that works without the entrepreneur. A good entrepreneur hires people for menial tasks, so they can devote time for activities that will lead to the acceleration of the business. Entrepreneurs should create systems that help them dedicate their time and energy only to the things that matter to the business. They should create efficient systems that require little to no help.

3 Accept Your Mistakes And Get Over Them

As an entrepreneur, you will make mistakes. Don't be fixated on your mistakes. Analyze them, learn from them, move ahead. A good entrepreneur knows how to keep his emotions in control and not get swayed by a negative or a positive outcome. Entrepreneurship requires having a zen-like peace of mind, or you can lose yourself.

4 Entrepreneurship Requires Long Term Dedication

Instagram and Youtube have made entrepreneurship look all fun. It's all about fancy cars, fancy hotels, luxury watches, private jets, etc. While that aspect is true, there is a lot of grinding behind the scenes that very few display on their social media platform. Entrepreneurship is a lot of hard work, which involves pulling all-nighters, traveling to multiple cities to secure a deal, and working when everyone is taking it slow. It's fulfilling but requires a long-term commitment.

Dr.Chris Cole shares more such life learning on his education platform BWO Academy. It's an excellent place for people who want to learn the ways of creating wealth.

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