Doug Hutchison alleges Courtney Stodden faked pregnancy to land reality TV show

Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden in 2014

Doug Hutchison has accused his ex-wife Courtney Stodden of faking a pregnancy and miscarriage in a bid to land a reality TV deal.

The Days of Wrath actor and the 25-year-old got married in 2011, but later parted ways, and finalised their divorce last month.

In his upcoming memoir, Flushing Hollywood: Fake News, Fake Boobs, Doug shares intimate details about his relationship, and opens up about an alleged scheme they came up with when they found themselves in financial hardship.

Specifically, Doug claimed Courtney faked a pregnancy and miscarriage in the hope of landing a reality TV show about their life together.

"It was all about survival. It was all about a way to make rent, to pay the bills. It was desperation," he told Fox News. "I was an accomplice. I felt at the time there was no other choice in order to survive... We didn't think about the consequences, the future."

Courtney was pictured in Los Angeles showing off a small baby bump in 2016, before announcing on social media that she'd lost the baby.

"Here we were going to the press, going to our families, our friends and announcing we lost our baby. We gained a lot of empathy. And the sad part is a lot of women came forward on social media saying how sorry they were because they went through the same thing," the 59-year-old added. "The press bought it, the public bought it, the family bought it - everybody bought it."

Explaining it was "devastating" to see the messages of support the couple received, Doug continued: "I don't want to speak for Courtney, but I almost feel she became a poster celebrity and was able to give those people comfort. I know that sounds twisted, but that was the mindset.

"So enough. It's time to reveal the truth, as difficult as it is. I'm not proud to admit this chapter at all. But all I can say is desperation is the mother of invention. And the invention was unfortunate... We maintained an illusion that we were living large. But it was far from the truth."

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