Don't Waste All Your Baldur's Gate 3 Scrolls In Battle, Do This Instead

Gale is seen talking to Shep in a church.
Gale is seen talking to Shep in a church.

Scrolls are some of the most useful items you can find in your Baldur’s Gate 3 adventure, letting your characters expend them to cast spells they may not otherwise know. Because of this, they can really come in handy in a pinch, when you realize you have a scroll for a fire-based spell and your enemies are conveniently standing next to an explosive barrel. But if you find yourself stockpiling these scrolls in your inventory instead of using them throughout your adventure, perhaps you should consider giving them to Gale?

No, I don’t mean give them to Gale so he can devour the magic inside to satiate the magical bomb in his chest. Gale is a Wizard, and one of the perks of the class is that they can learn the spells written on scrolls, adding them to their spellbook rather than simply using and losing them. Doing this will cost 100 gold, but it’s a great way to fill out a Wizard’s arsenal without having to wait for a level-up that lets you learn new spells.

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