Don't know how to maintain your ornaments? Follow these tips

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21 Sep 2021: Don't know how to maintain your ornaments? Follow these tips

We all have a soft corner for our ornaments and jewelry as these enhance the way we look. Some may also have sentimental value because they might be family jewelry passed on from one generation to another. But, like anything, jewelry also loses its glow and sheen if proper maintenance is not followed. Here's how to go about taking care of your ornaments.

Number 1: This is the easiest way to clean your gold jewelry

Soak your gold ornaments in clean water for three hours, gently brush, and dry them with a soft cloth. For shine, use a specific polishing cloth and not paper towels/tissues. Take your ornaments off before jumping into a swimming pool as the chlorine in the water body is disastrous for jewelry. For cleaning, you may use rubbing alcohol, but bleach is a strict no-no.

Number 2: For silver, a mix of white vinegar, baking soda works

For keeping your silver jewelry or idols of God in pristine condition, use white vinegar and baking soda. Soak them in a bowl containing 1/2 cup white vinegar and 2tbsp baking soda for 2-3 hours, rinse, and pat dry. Also, cover silver items when using things like tile cleaners, mirror cleaners, etc. Avoid toothpaste cleaning and go for soap wash for your silver possessions.

Number 3: For diamonds, totally avoid oil and greasy stuff

Diamond is a hard substance, but when set into a jewelry piece, it needs to be taken care of. It collects oil and grease easily. T avoid that, don't wear diamond jewelry while cooking. Also, apply creams/lotions first, and then wear your diamonds in the end. Store diamonds properly wrapped in a tissue. For cleaning, soak them overnight in a soap solution and rinse.

Precautions: General precautions you should follow to care for your jewelry

-Any jewelry should be stored in a dry environment. Keep it in a container covered with tissues. -Clean your jewelry using a specific cloth made for this purpose. -Avoid bringing your ornaments in close contact with wood. -For silver, use chalk to absorb moisture while storing. -Always take off jewelry before taking a bath. -Not all jewelry items are meant to be kept together.

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