Don't expect to see much of JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon in Justice League

Ben Bussey
UK Movies Writer
JK Simmons in 2014’s ‘Whiplash,’ the role that won him the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (credit: Lionsgate)

This November’s ‘Justice League’ will see the introduction of a new Commissioner Jim Gordon to the DC Extended Universe – but it sounds like it will be a pretty short introduction.

JK Simmons, who will make his debut as the time-honoured ally of Batman in the superhero ensemble piece from ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Batman V Superman’ director Zack Snyder, has revealed in a new interview that he won’t be in the film much.

Simmons – no stranger to comic book movies, thanks to his scene-stealing performance as J Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy – tells Screen Crush, “My part in the first film coming out this fall is very, very small… It’s a little introduction of the character.”

Reintroduction might be the better word, given that Commissioner Gordon has been a staple of the ‘Batman’ movies, played by the late Pat Hingle in the Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher movies, and most recently by Gary Oldman in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy.

Judging by the photo Snyder released of the actor on set last September, it looks to be a pretty old-fashioned take on the character in store:

While ‘Justice League’ will introduce the ‘Whiplash’ Oscar-winner as the new Gordon, the actor admits he’s not sure where things will go from there, although he seems confident he’ll be back:

“But whenever the next one gets off the ground, whether it’s ‘The Batman’ movie or the ‘Justice League’ sequel, and I know those things are getting shuffled around right now … we thought we might be getting to work pretty soon on ‘The Batman,’ but we’ll see what the future brings. Hopefully that’ll be another comic-book character that I get to take two or three or four cracks at.”

Following months of behind the scenes difficulty, ‘The Batman’ – set to be Ben Affleck’s first solo movie as the iconic superhero – has now been delayed to allow the script to be completely rewritten, and is not expected to start production until 2018.

However, ‘Justice League’ is still on track to hit UK cinemas on 17 November.

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