Donnie Yen is entitled to his hefty salary

20 Aug – Martial arts actor Donnie Yen recently stated that he is not in any way affected by reports that China is clamping down on celebrities' sky-high salaries.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actor, who is currently one of the highest paid actors in Greater China, revealed that he fully supports the adjustment of unfair resource allocations.

As for his hefty salary, Donnie indirectly explained that he has the right to his pay due to the amount of work he does for each production.

"The remuneration for each and every one of my films are open and transparent. Each one is not the same, but then again, I often do more than other actors," he said.

Donnie used the example of his movie, "Chasing the Dragon", co-starring Andy Lau.

"The filming schedule is set at 80 days, but I have been involved in the production for more than 240 days, from start to finish," said the actor, who would usually choreograph action scenes and other behind-the-scenes work as well.

(Photo Source: Donnie Yen Instagram)