Donna Karan blasts fashion industry for becoming too boring

Donna Karan

Donna Karan wants to see more diversity on the fashion runways.

The New York-based designer has opened up about her views on the ever-changing industry and recalled a much simpler time back in the 1970s when each nation had its own unique style on the catwalk.

"Everybody was individualised. You had the American world, the British world, the French world, the Italian world," she said in an interview for Footwear News. "And it was... the Americans were black. The British were (punk), France was colour and Italy was neutral.

"Now, everything's alike. You can't tell the difference," Karan sighed, adding that everybody is dressing the same nowadays, which makes it difficult for her to design on-trend clothes.

"I like to feel the differentiation between our cultures. And that's where I'm at, which is a little bit different than most designers."

Elsewhere in the interview, Karan, who has recently launched an exclusive shoe collection with Kenneth Cole in collaboration with artisans in Haiti, complained about the rise of social media and how it's ruining fashion by showing collections from designers before they are even ready to be released.

"I believe we're giving too much information out. And now, because of communication, everybody sees everything. You know, and the customers see it six months before, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever," the 71-year-old insisted. "In the fashion industry, the consumer is confused. She's seeing too much - early. And then it finally comes in, it's boring because she wants buy now, wear now."

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