Donald Trump takes a selfie with the Queen in new clip from 'The Queen’s Corgi'

THE QUEEN’S CORGI will be released in the UK and Ireland by Lionsgate UK.

Just when you thought 2019 couldn’t get worse, a new clip from upcoming animation The Queen’s Corgi lands in your inbox in which Donald Trump takes a “royal selfie” with the Queen.

The clip for the canine caper, which wags its way into cinemas nationwide on 5 July, purports to show “what really happened when Trump met the Queen” during his state visit earlier this month.

That’s right, President Donald Trump - voiced by an actor - in an animated family film.

The same Donald Trump whose zero-tolerance immigration policies are separating children from their families at the US-Mexico border.

The same Donald Trump who cosies up to dictators while publicly denouncing politicians like Sadiq Khan on Twitter.

THE QUEEN’S CORGI will be released in the UK and Ireland by Lionsgate UK.

The same Donald Trump with a questionable record of misogynysexism, and racist bigotry.

The same Donald Trump who is waging a war against freedom of the press.

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The same Donald Trump who just yesterday refused to apologise to the Central Park Five, the five men who Trump campaigned to receive the death sentence in 1989, and served around 40 years in prison collectively for a crime they didn’t commit, and were later completely exonerated by DNA evidence

Sure, he’s just a lovable buffoon.

A cartoon character even - with access to nuclear weapons - perfect fodder for family entertainment.

You can watch the clip below.

Here’s the synopsis for the film: Rex is the Queen's Top Dog - a spoilt little corgi who lives a life of luxury in Buckingham Palace. But when Rex winds up in a London Dog's Home, surrounded by tough strays, he must learn that to become a true Top Dog, you have to earn it!

The Queen’s Corgi is in cinemas 5 July.