Donald Trump finally responds to 'Fake Melania' theory

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
The “Fake Melania” theory was revived after the couple were pictured in Georgia, US. [Photo: Getty]

President Donald Trump has responded to the ‘Fake Melania‘ theory circulating on the internet.

Since 2017, there has been speculation First Lady Melania Trump occasionally sends a body double out with her husband for official engagements.

It is based on social media users claiming the former model looked unlike herself during some of these engagements.

Nor do the large, dark sunglasses she often wears in public help to dispel such rumours.

But the US President has now hit back at the rumours  – following fresh body double claims circulating earlier this week after the First Lady was pictured with her husband in Georgia, US.

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He addressed the theory in a tweet posted earlier today, aimed at the “Fake News”.

His comments come off the back of Stephanie Grisham, the spokesperson for the First Lady, responding on Twitter to the “Fake Melania” rumours earlier this week.

This is the first time Donald has formally addressed the “Fake Melania” theory, although Grisham has previously denied the theory to the press, telling CNN it is “ridiculous” back in 2017.

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The “Fake Melania” theory first emerged from a tweet by Joe Vargas, CEO of Buy Legal Meds, in October 2017.

The theory has been circulating the internet ever since.