Don’t Know How To Measure Formula Scoop Size? Use The Whitemore Method

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Parenting can be a steep learning curve and it takes a lot of effort and more attempts to get things right. It’s the little things that usually annoy you. How to hold the baby right? What’s the right way to get the baby to burp? Are you feeding them enough? Every day can be a challenge.

But you also get a chance to win these little challenges every day. You eventually develop your own little methods, hacks and tricks, which make their lives easier. And it feels great when parents share their life hacks with others to make everybody’s lives easier.

That’s exactly how a mum has been helping other parents quickly prepare formula milk by determining the exact formula scoop size required.

The mum demonstrated how to prepare baby formula milk using this one simple hack.

Determine Formula Scoop Size With The Whitemore Scoop Method

soy-based formula for babies
soy-based formula for babies

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Malloy Whitemore goes by the username @theformulamom on the social media app TikTok, and her videos are a rage among new mums. A mum herself, Malloy recently shared one simple hack to make a larger pitcher of formula that will help ease the lives of all mums who depend on formula milk to feed their babies.

Most milk formulas have a standardised measuring ratio with one scoop of powder used for every 0;/05 ltr (two ounces) of water. Sure, the size of one scoop may differ based on the manufacturer but the process is largely the same.

This means that whenever your baby needs formula milk, mums end up wasting time measuring the perfect amount.

Malloy’s smart trick aims to eliminate this wastage of time.

In the video, she explains,

  • Figure out how many of those tiny formula scoops fit into a standard-sized measuring cup.

  • The mother uses goat milk formula and is able to fit 24 scoops into one cup.

  • Once you have it counted, you can add it to your formula pitcher and mix it up.

The best part is next time you don’t have to count 24 scoops. You can use your measuring cup and know that you’re getting exactly the right amount.

Using the Whitemore scoop method helps reduce the preparation time for mums, making their day less hectic than it already is.

News Parents Loved The Idea!

Mums and dads on TikTok absolutely loved the idea. One user wrote, “Why have I never thought of this? I hate counting the scoops.”

Another user wrote, “So smart,” while another commented, “This is so helpful!”

A lot of parents who rely on formula milk will certainly appreciate the trick that will help them prepare the same large quantities without taking too much time. It’s also important that mums and dads know how to measure the formula milk and water quantity properly in order to ensure that your baby is getting enough nutrition.

Do remember, babies solely rely on either breast milk or formula (if for some reason mum is unable to breastfeed) for the first six months to get their nutrition. You begin solid foods only after the six month period, that too in a staggered manner.

Why Should You Measure Formula Milk Correctly?

formula scoop size
formula scoop size

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You must measure formula milk before giving it to the baby because it can lead to digestive issues, or wouldn’t nourish your baby as needed, or can cause seizures. Here’s how:

  • Incorrect formula milk measurement can lead to digestive issues and a lack of nutrition.

  • When you dilute the formula with too much water, it will contain fewer calories per litre, which can leave your child malnourished.

  • Regularly feeding your baby incorrect formula milk can even cause seizures and brain damage.

  • Babies born with a low- birth weight and premature deliveries also pose a higher risk of being affected by the lack of nutrition and can develop digestive complications.

How To Measure And Mix Formula Scoop Size

Formula milk is available in the popular powdered form, liquid concentrate and ready to feed. Here’s how you can prepare the milk for each of these types:


  • Add one level of formula scoop size to every 0.05 litres of water.

  • Shake the mixture well and it’s ready to serve.

  • You can divide the quantity depending on your requirement. Either mix limited quantities every time the baby is hungry or mix a full day’s worth of milk and refrigerate the same.

Liquid concentrate

  • Add equal amounts of liquid concentrate to water (0.02litres).

  • Shake the mixture well.

  • Mix the concentrate depending on the requirement and refrigerate the extra milk.


  • Ready-to-feed containers usually come with 0.05, 0.2 or 0.23 litre containers and are fairly simple to mix with water.

  • Once you’ve prepared the desired quantity, make sure to save refrigerate the rest for later use.

  • Make sure to consume the formula milk within 48 hours after preparation.

Every formula milk brand will have a different formula scoop size, so make sure to follow the directions on the container. This ensures that the baby gets the right nutrition with every ounce.

How Much Formula Milk Do Babies Require?

Most newborn babies require about 0.04litres to 0.08 litres (one to three fluid ounces) of formula milk at an average of three hours. However, babies have their own feeding patterns and nutrition needs.

If you think your baby is consuming too much formula milk or not enough, make sure to consult your paediatrician for the same.


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