Is Dollar General Open on Thanksgiving Day?

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As the hustle and bustle that is Thanksgiving Day nears, the days are filled to the brim with food-related errands, DIY decorations in the making, and mental preparation for all that family time. But no matter how much you do, it almost seems like you can never be truly ready for the actual day. You're always missing one essential piece of the feast (who knew the baking sod was expired?), or you put off buying your festive tabletop decor. Now it's Turkey Day, and you're scouring the Internet, looking for a store that's open so you can rush in and save the day. Your search brings you to your local Dollar General—but is the discount store actually open? What are Dollar General's hours on Thanksgiving Day?

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Is Dollar General Open on Thanksgiving Day?

Unlike Target, Dollar General is open on Thanksgiving. In fact, Dollar General is open for extended hours on Thanksgiving Day, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. That's true for Christmas Eve, too. It appears the chain store recognizes that those last-minute errands can make the difference between a stressful holiday and a great one.

If Dollar General's services will be up and running like normal on Thanksgiving, then you may not even have to leave home to do your shopping there. The store offers same-day delivery through DoorDash, allowing you to select items for purchase on the app and have them brought directly to your door. This does cost a bit more than simply going to the store yourself once you factor in delivery charges and a tip for your Dasher, but it's great for those moments when leaving the house feels like an ordeal (aka Thanksgiving Day).

Like many other stores, Dollar General also offers a pickup service, DG Pickup, that lets you shop for your items on the company's app or website, then pick up your bags when the order is ready. Even if you're not in a rush on Thanksgiving Day, you can still have items prepped and ready for pickup. Plus, using the app or website to plan your purchase gives you better access to the coupons and discounts currently on offer. If nothing else, you can be thankful for some additional holiday savings!

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