Dolce & Gabbana designers have no plans to sell brand

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have no desire to sell their company.

The Italian duo presented their first womenswear collection in 1985 and have since gone on to add menswear, accessories, and fragrances to their offerings.

While Domenico and Stefano claim to have received numerous buyout offers over the years, they have now explained that they plan to retain control of their label for as long as possible and eventually want to hand over the business to family members.

"First of all, it's like our child. You are a mother, and you cannot sell your children. We got lucky. We don't want to become the richest people in the cemetery," Stefano told Vogue Business. "We would love to give the family our jobs."

The designers went on to make it very clear that they don't want any other designers to step into their roles in the future.

"To us, it's very strange when you see a new designer for a label. There's a lot of that," the 57-year-old noted, adding that he and Domenico don't believe incoming creative directors ever have the same level of commitment to brand ethos and aesthetic as the founders. "We are afraid of that."

Among the family members Domenico, 61, and Stefano will look to one day to take over the company are Domenico's brother Alfonso Dolce, who is the brand's chief executive officer, and their sister Dora Dolce, who oversees development of the ready-to-wear line, as well as their children.

Elsewhere in the interview, Alfonso noted that he is focused on expanding the Alta Moda line and is looking to make moves back into China. The designers were forced to cancel a fashion show in Shanghai in November 2018 after a series of posts which appeared to trivialise Chinese culture were shared on the brand's social media pages, while Stefano was also accused of sending distasteful messages from his own Instagram page, with a representative later claiming that both accounts had been "hacked". Domenico and Stefano later issued apologies over the controversy.

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