Dog zodiac forecast: Noblemen will help you throughout the year

Dog zodiac. (Photo: iStock/Getty Images)
Dog zodiac. (Photo: iStock/Getty Images)

In the year of the Golden Ox, those born in the year of the Dog will receive help from noblemen. Feng Shui and Numerology teacher Xie Yuanjin said that people born in the year of the Dog should still be prudent and humble when dealing with others. Refrain from getting angry and into arguments with others over trivial things. Money comes in only when in peace and stability.

Lucky star enters life in the first month

In the monthly fortune part, those born in the year of the Dog have better fortune in the first, second and seventh months of the lunar calendar. In the first month, a lucky star enters the life palace, and the wealth fortune is prosperous. It is recommended to visit the temple during the Spring Festival to accumulate merit and enhance overall fortune. With noble people in the second month, you will see chances to encounter good partnership opportunities. In the seventh month, after the previous month's low ebb, your fortune is expected to recover, and the troubles before will be solved by the appearance of noblemen.

In addition, the third, sixth, ninth, and last lunar months have poor fortune. Xie reminds that it is easy to get into disputes with partners in the third month, and those born in the year of the Dog should be patient when tackling problems. The annual fortune is the lowest in the sixth month, and malicious people are in power in your life.

Quarrelling with others is inevitable, and betrayals lurk. Those who are not careful will suffer from accidents. In the ninth month, relationship issues will crop up, and your other half will argue with you on old topics. Take a step back and be careful with your words to avoid worsening issues. There is a chance to lose money in the twelfth month, and women should pay attention to gynaecological problems.

On the whole, people born in the year of the Dog have a reasonably smooth year ahead. In the first half of the year, you will have a generally good fortune, but in the second half, you should keep a low profile to avoid issues. Xie suggests that those born in the year of the Dog can carry gold cards and copper coins with you to enhance your fortune or place a cornucopia in the northwest sector of your home to gather positive energy and attract wealth.

Analysis based on birth years

■Born in 1946, 76 years old:

The overall situation is good for 2021. There will be no significant health problems. Refrain from investing randomly.

■Born in 1958, 64 years old:

Pay more attention to investment and financial management, treat others calmly, and avoid unnecessary disputes.

■Born in 1970, 52 years old:

Be patient even in the face of pressure and strive for steady progress in 2021 to reap your efforts' rewards.

■Born in 1982, 40 years old:

The ones with the most prosperous career fortune among those born in the year of the Dog, seize the opportunity to expand your career in 2021.

■Born in 1994, 28 years old:

Don't be impatient, control your emotions, and you can have good wealth fortune in 2021.

■Born in 2006, 16 years old:

The ones with the best overall fortune among those born in the year of the Dog, you will have good relationships with your teachers and classmates and can perform well in your schoolwork in 2021.