Doctors at Delhi Hospital Reuse Transplanted Liver To Save Man’s Life, First of Its Kind Transplant in India

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New Delhi, October 11: Doctors at a private hospital in Delhi were successful in reusing a liver from a patient who was brain dead and saving another person's life. Reports inform that the doctors resued the liver and transplanted it from a patient who was declared brain dead days after the operation. According to a report by TOI, it was a first-of-its-kind operation in India. Dr Subhash Gupta, chairman of the Centre for Liver and Biliary Sciences at Max Saket was quoted in the report saying that the new recipient, who is a 54-year-old man from Delhi, is stable and recuperating well.

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The doctor further informed that this is the first of its kind transplant done in India. He said only a few such transplants had earlier been done globally, none in India. Giving details about the liver transplant, the report states that the first recipient of the organ had suffered bleeding in the brain, barely a week after the transplant. The patient was declared brain dead on October 5. Mumbai: Doctors Use Advanced Immunodiagnostic Technique for Heart Transplant.

According to doctors at the Max hospital, the liver belonged to a 44-year-old woman from Gurgaon who had a history of seizures and hypertension. She was declared brain dead following a brain bleed at Fortis Gurgaon on September 21. The woman’s family consented to donate her heart, liver, kidneys and corneas following which her liver was transplanted into a 53-year-old man from Gurgaon who was suffering from liver failure.

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The recipient was recovering well post-transplant, but he also developed the same problem after about a week of the liver transplant operation. The family of the 53-year-old insisted that his organs, including the liver, be used to save other lives. Dr Gupta said none of the hospitals came forward to accept the reused liver. However, as 21 patients had been waiting for the liver at Max hospital Saket, having the same blood group and all of them were contacted.

Dr Gupta a new recipient, a 54-year-old man from Delhi, turned up and was explained about the used liver, but he still wanted to go ahead. Several precautions were taken to assess the risk of rejection prior to transplant, the doctor said.

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