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Actors who nearly played the Doctor: Jeff Goldblum

The Independence Day actor came close to the series when producers were looking to relaunch in 1996 with an Eighth Doctor. He was also considered to play the Doctor’s nemesis The Master in the 1996 TV movie. The role eventually went to Eric Roberts. (Getty)

Doctor Who: 11 actors who nearly played The Doctor

Ben Falk
UK Movies Contributor

The lead role in Doctor Who is arguably the biggest part in British television and whoever is chosen to play the character always causes a storm of debate over their suitability. The show’s producers gave the show its key to eternal life in 1966 when they replaced William Hartnell with Patrick Troughton, through a Time Lord practice called “regeneration”.  Jodie Whittaker is the 13th (official) incarnation of the beloved Time Lord, but many actors have narrowly missed landing the role in the past.

Here are eleven performers who came close to holding the sonic screwdriver without actually getting to walk into the TARDIS as an official Doctor. How good do you think they’d have been?

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