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High-waisted jeans get a bad rap. They were the hottest denim style of the ’90s, but the “mom jeans” reputation in recent years meant that kids, young adults, and even “hip moms” would’t touch them in a vintage bin. Now those same receptacles are empty, having been cleaned out by early adopters of the old-new trend. But if your local consignment shop is sold out and eBay seems too daunting (or if previously worn stuff just gives you the heebie-jeebies), brands are producing the silhouette once again. The high waist is flattering — no more sucking in! — and can be worn both baggy and more fitted. Photo: Rex Images

Ditch Your Skinny Jeans! Denim’s New Relaxed Look Is Life-changing

Dora Fung
Market Director

I knew the fashion world was desperately in need of a change this summer when I spotted several men at the airport in Ibiza wearing jeggings. Yes, that skinny denim staple we girls have worn because the tight fit and cropped ankle make us feel long and lean even on our “feeling fat” days has apparently been co-opted by the boys — and not just in Europe. 

So when the marathon march that is spring 2016 fashion month arrived, I decided I was going to ditch my skinny jeans for a more relaxed fit. Well, apparently the rest of the fashion world got the memo too, because every chic girl from New York to Paris was sporting baggier, patchier, Mom-style-meets-’70s Jane Birkin-esque jeans. And if that weren’t enough for shape shifting, editors were doubling up on denim, sporting Canadian tuxedos in various shades of indigo and channeling their inner Lauren Hutton, topping off their vintage jeans with chambray shirts. Editors weren’t coveting the latest “it” bag; rather they were collectively mourning the perfect pair of Levis 501’s they wore in high school and gave to Goodwill. And just to make certain this wasn’t just a jegging backlash among fashion-obsessed editors, designers reflected the fashion world’s sentiment by sending all sorts of denim down the runways. Here are the five denim styles you should be investing in now. Remember: Trends may fade, but they always come back again — and denim always looks better distressed. 

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