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Disney x Lacoste capsule collection

The iconic duo are featured in this 30-piece capsule collection (PHOTOS: Lacoste)

Disney x Lacoste drop the cutest, exclusive souvenir capsule collection in Singapore

Reta Lee
Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle

The iconic duo are featured in this 30-piece capsule collection (PHOTOS: Lacoste)

We’re all for capsule collections, especially ones that remind us of our childhood loves. Take Disney, as an example. The iconic characters made up of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse have appeared everywhere, including on the shirt worn by Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex and The City’ to having a cameo in 1988’s ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ Adults and children both revel in delight at Disney World, when they both are brought to life. So when we received news Disney x Lacoste was dropping a 30-piece capsule collection, we squeal with delight.

The new collection will consist of clothing, sneakers and leather goods, which will be decorated with the bespoke character artwork and icons, including Lacoste’s recognisable croc. Combining 3D printing and piqué applications to redraw the profile of Mickey and his wife Minnie Mouse, the colour range uses shades such as navy blue, white, heather grey, pale pink and touches of green combined with brighter colours such as a clear blue or a brilliant red.

What this editor would chope: The fleece dress looks so cosy for cool office Friday wear, and I reckon you could pair it with a pair of sneakers just for that casual look. I also especially like the red hue on the polo shirt, which may come across as too bold for others, but just the right striking colour for a day out. The white red-striped top has that hint of du jour and you could top the look with a flowy skirt for a feminine touch.

The capsule collection is now available in all Lacoste Singapore stores from 14th November onwards.

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