Disney posted a bleak 'Pinocchio' tweet and people are concerned

Hanna Flint
People are worried about Disney after the studio sent a desolate tweet

The Walt Disney Company prides itself on providing the happiness content entertainment has to offer, but maybe it’s all got a bit too much for the studio.

That’s because its official Twitter account posted a rather desolate meme (then deleted it) involving one of its own characters, Pinocchio, and people are pretty concerned.

A gif shows the puppet sitting lifelessly after the Blue Fairy casts her spell, and above the scene is the caption, “When someone compliments you, but you’re dead inside.”

The Disney account posted the gif with a lyric, “makes no difference who you are,” from the animated film’s famous song ‘When you Wish Upon a Star‘.

The bleakness of the tweet did not go unnoticed by the studio’s followers.

Of course, many others have pointed out the fact that plenty of Disney’s animated films often feature grim storylines.

There’s barely a movie that doesn’t centre on an orphan having to save themselves from being cursed or dying, but because of the songs, the studio distracts their young viewers from falling too deep into despair.

But as that tweet didn’t come with a peppy musical number its understandable that fans were concerned.

Hang in there, Disney.

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