Disney+ Movies And TV Shows You and Your Kids Can Look Forward to When It Launches In Singapore

Ally Villar
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With the new family streaming service coming to Singapore soon, Disney+ will be your family's new source of entertainment for movie nights. Over 500 films and 15,000 episodes, including your favourite Disney classics, you and your kids will be able to enjoy their overload of content.
But what to watch first?
In light of the much anticipated Disney+, here are some of the awesome titles the whole family can look forward to.
Disney+ Movies To Watch With The Whole Family
1. Frozen & Frozen 2

Of course, the first one on the list is both the well-loved Frozen movie and its sequel. Go on two adventures with Elsa, Anna and their huggable snowman friend Olaf and sing along to the songs your family probably already know by heart. Both movies expand on the strong bond between the two sisters and focus on Elsa facing her powers' full potential to finally accept herself. As Disney fairytales go, the Frozen franchise introduces a new magical plot complete with action, drama, comedy and of course, a replayable soundtrack.
2. Soul
This new Pixar film takes you on a jazz-filled trip from New York's streets and all the way to unidentifiable cosmic realms. The story follows Joe Gardner, a music teacher passionate about jazz as an unexpected incident leads to him to his body and soul literally separating. Just like Pixar's previous films, this fantastical story carries a heartfelt message on one's passion and dreams that may inspire not only children but parents as well. With this fresh new title at Disney+, find out whether Joe's soul gets to reunite with his body and fulfil his big break as a jazz musician.
3. Incredibles 2

A more mature and sensical follow-up to the popular Pixar superhero movie, Incredibles, will be available at Disney+ for both kids and parents to enjoy. The sequel story for this superfamily places them in another sticky situation as a new villain is out to cause trouble again in Metroville. But this isn't your regular superhero movie with a single crime-fighting plotline for the movie also adds on to the everyday lives of the Parr family that even parents may find to be relatable as Mr and Mrs Incredible try to balance out their priorities with their family and super life.
4. Big Hero 6
On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your excitement in watching Big Hero 6 again? Because the robotics prodigy Hiro and his plus-sized inflatable robotic friend Baymax will be streaming on Disney+. Follow the story of Hiro as he forms a team of high-tech heroes to defeat the mysterious Yokai. This action-packed film has exciting scenes with cool mechanic suits and has a humourous and heartwarming plot that will charm kids, teens, and even adults.
5. Beauty and The Beast

You can experience this brand new retelling of a tale as old as time with Disney's Beauty and The Beast's live adaptation. With a star-studded cast including Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson and Ian McKellen, the classic animated film from 1991 gets a different magical twist with even new songs to sing along to. For others, it may be a nostalgic trip of the classic film, but there may also be kids who will get to see this story come to life for the very first time.
6. Aladdin
Hop on for another magic carpet ride with the live-action remake of Disney's Aladdin. Your favourite songs are all still here with even the additional hit from Naomi Scott as Jasmine, Speechless. With Will Smith as the powerful Genie and new Aladdin, Mena Massoud, this fun fantastical tale is as magical as ever in this adaptation. If you think you'll just be seeing the same movie twice, this live adaptation of the Aladdin adds a bit more to both the plot and the characters making the adventures of Aladdin and his magical lamp take a whole other magic carpet leap.
7. Lady And The Tramp
You can now get to see the sweetest spaghetti scene again but this time in live-action with the newly adapted Lady And The Tramp. As one of the streaming service's original titles, this version of Lady and The Tramp retells the same story in a completely different cinematic experience simply of two adorable pups falling in love. This will be a real treat for dog lovers out there or even dog parents themselves.
8. Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers: Endgame

Who doesn't love the epic films of Marvel Studios' Avengers? With Disney+, you get to enjoy the latest instalment to the Avengers galaxy adventures from Infinity War to Endgame. Bring out your kids' Captain America and Ironman costumes as you watch these action-packed films about a team of superheroes and their groundbreaking war against the invincible Thanos. Out of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, you haven't seen anything like this before as both movies could count as one whole film. Keeping our lips sealed from spoilers but it's safe to say your kids will be ecstatic to see probably all their favourite superheroes fighting side by side.
9. Star Wars Saga

If you or someone in your family is a big Star Wars fan, you're in big luck because all 12 Star Wars movies are streaming on Disney+ including the latest trilogy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Star Wars: The Rise of The Skywalker. In this space saga filled with galactic action and found families among the main characters, the Star Wars films are one of the best to look back to and watch for a fun movie night. Parents may have experienced the previous films' excitement, but the latest trilogy will be an amazing introduction to the franchise for the kiddos.
10. Hamilton

Parents and young adults will finally get to see the complete theatrical play of Hamilton. The sold-out and award-winning sung-and-rapped-through musical retells the story of American Found Father Alexander Hamilton. Of course, it may be entirely different to watch the musical live than on-screen, but the story and the outstanding performances will still make you immersed with this historic journey.
More than just history lessons, Hamilton is a story about grit, passion, patriotism and true love.
Disney+ TV Shows To Binge
1. Forky Asks A Question

If you enjoyed Toy Story 4, then you may already love the klutzy spork turned toy Forky. Follow him around as he explores the exciting world around him with endless questions in his mind, very much like your kiddo. This original Pixar television series is a fun addition to the popular toy films and will be streaming with 10 episodes. Kids will enjoy joining Forky in his small adventures and may even ask questions themselves while watching the Toy Story gang reveal new things to their utensil buddy.
2. The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse
The iconic Mickey Mouse has a new animated television series for Disney+, and it may be the greatest one yet! Watch new wacky and fun adventures of Mickey and his friends as they go from one crazy scenario through a series of shorts. The colourful animation and humorous action are sure to entertain your child and make them love the most celebrated Disney characters.
3. WandaVision

Following Wanda and Vision's adventures after the events of Avengers: Endgame, this new television series takes the typical suburban setting into a strange twist as the couple discovers the world around them is not what it seems. This continuity to the previous Marvel Cinematic Universe will introduce a new story coming from the unusual couple. Adults and teens especially may enjoy this suspenseful and psychological thriller disguised as a classic comical sitcom.
4. The Mandalorian

Exclusive to Disney+, The Mandalorian is another instalment to the Star Wars universe, focusing on brand new characters and revisiting old ones from previous Star Wars media. This favourite from the new streaming service follows the adventures of a lone bounty hunter who stumbles upon a child that changes his space endeavours to unexpected and risky escapades. If you're also a fan of the franchise, you can enjoy coming back to this epic universe as well as spot a few easter eggs here and there.
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