Disney Lorcana has been selling so well that a reprint is on the way

 Aladdin in Disney Lorcana
Aladdin in Disney Lorcana

It turns out that Disney Lorcana is pretty damn popular. So popular, in fact, that it seems to be selling out all over the place - and publisher Ravensburger is having to promise a reprint to meet demand.

Although it's officially launching today (September 1), Disney Lorcana has been available in hobby and specialist stores since August. Much of that stock seems to have been hoovered up already - something we can attest to ourselves, at least anecdotally - and it's been increasingly difficult to get hold of cards as a result. That shortage doesn't seem as if it'll be fixed soon, even with it dropping at mass retail like Best Buy and ShopDisney (though we've reached out to Ravensburger for clarification). Indeed, Ravensburger put out a tweet outlining its plans to meet demand.

"Our goal is for fans to be able to purchase and enjoy the Disney Lorcana TCG product at the suggested retail price, and we will continue to take steps to ensure a level of availability and quality that keeps the market healthy for both collectors and players," the post reads. "Additional booster product will start arriving in North American local game stores in October.  We are also reprinting Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter, which will be available starting in Q1 2024 in North America and Europe."

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If nothing else, it's a decent indication of how popular Lorcana has been so far (a positivity we shared in our own Disney Lorcana first impressions). With that in mind, it'll be interesting to see whether Ravensburger will have to take a different approach with the release of a yet-to-be-revealed follow-up, Set 2, at the end of this year.

While the comments on Twitter are generally appreciative of the reprints, there are numerous calls from collectors for the second printing of Set 1 to include some kind of differentiation. Ravensburger hasn't clarified if this will be the case or not yet.

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