Disney On Ice behind-the-scenes

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes for a 'Disney On Ice' show?

Stretching and warm-ups are done at least 15 minutes before every show, so performers can do all the lifts and tricks, even while skating.

These skaters maintain a healthy and balanced diet while on tour by getting creative with recipes that don't need cooking, such as peanut butter and banana smoothies.

For make-up, dramatic is the way to go, as it helps the skaters' features stand out better when performing on the ice.

According to Disney On Ice performers Laura Stern and Kirstie Nelson, who portray Snow White and Cinderella respectively, their go-to routine includes white eyeshadow, dramatic fake eyelashes, red lipstick, darker foundation and "never enough blush".

Stern and Nelson were in Singapore to promote the upcoming shows in March, where they shared their make-up routines and skincare tips.

As for the costumes, they are all specially designed for the skaters to move freely when they perform, even the choreography is designed around the costumes that they put on.

This year, 'Disney On Ice' celebrates its 25th anniversary in Singapore. There have been over 250 performances over the past 25 years since the show first showed in 1990.

The popular skating show will be back in Singapore from 14 to 18 March at the Indoor Stadium, tickets are on sale now via SportsHubTix. Follow Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore on Facebook.