The Disaster Artist exclusive clip: Watch momentous moment Tommy meets Greg

When Harry met Sally. When Batman met Superman. When Abbot and Costello met Frankenstein.

Hollywood has its fair share of iconic encounters, but surely none match up to when Greg Sestero met Tommy Wiseau, a moment recreated for posterity in new movie The Disaster Artist.

If that solicited a great fat “WHO?” from you, then clearly you’re not familiar with The Room, the 2003 film considered by many to be the “the greatest bad movie ever made”. The story behind The Room is being retold in new film The Disaster Artist (in limited UK cinemas 1 December, nationwide from 6 December), starring James and Dave Franco as Tommy and Greg, the filmmakers (we use the term loosely) responsible for “the Citizen Kane of bad movies”.

James Franco plays Tommy Wiseau, whose real name and age has never been officially revealed (Warner Bros.)

This exclusive new clip shows Greg approaching Tommy for the first time in 1998 outside their acting class in San Francisco. Impressed by Tommy’s lack of inhibition, Greg asks the mysterious older man if he’d like “to do a scene together”. Their burgeoning relationship would culminate in the self-financed disasterpiece that would gain a cult following after its limited release in 2003.

Fans of The Room regularly pack out screenings of the film around the world (including at London’s famous fleapit The Prince Charles Cinema), with riotous audience participation expected from all attendees.

Dave Franco plays Greg Sestero, who moved to LA with Tommy before starring in ‘The Room’ (Warner Bros.)

The Room first gained notoriety in LA where Tommy’s billboard adverting the film stood over Sunset Boulevard for five years. It’s since gone on to gain a huge cult following, earning back the reported $6m it cost Tommy to make.

The Disaster Artist is in limited UK cinemas 1 December, and nationwide from 6 December. Watch a trailer below.

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