Director Roy Chow confirms Han Geng's upcoming wedding?

25 Jun – Although Han Geng has kept mum about his marriage rumours with girlfriend Celina Jade, a response made by one filmmaker seems to confirm that it might be true.

As reported on Apple Daily, director Roy Chow, who cast Han in his film "Knockout", stated that he is happy for the couple, when approached by the media about the rumours.

"They have invited me to their wedding early on, and I intend to attend it. Han and I are good buddies, and I was there when they started dating," he said, adding that Celina would often visit them on the set of the movie.

"Seeing him getting married, I am just happy for him," he enthused.

Rumours of the couple getting married sparked recently, when tabloids discovered a Notice of Intended Marriage submitted to the Registrar of Marriage in Hong Kong from a certain Han Geng and Celina Horan (which is also Celina Jade's real name).

(Photo Source: HK01)

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