Diplo left 'starstruck' during joint Shania Twain interview


DJ and producer Diplo is one step closer to his dream collaboration with Shania Twain after bumping into the star on the red carpet.

The musician was talking with Entertainment Tonight at the American Music Awards (AMAs) on Sunday when the Any Man of Mine singer excitedly walked over and joined in on the conversation.

"This is amazing!" the Close To Me hitmaker said. "I'm starstruck right now. I don't know what to say, I mean, it's Shania Twain!"

The pair beamed as they held hands and talked, with Diplo - who was suitably dressed in a cowboy hat to meet the country music superstar - confessing the encounter would be the highlight of his entire night.

"I thought I was gonna be early and no one was going to be here, and then I saw you and I'm like, 'I'm gonna go home now,'" he joked.

When it was suggested that Diplo should do a remix of Twain's 1998 hit That Don't Impress Me Much, the artist revealed he already made one, quipping: "I play it every night, I have a remix of that already! I gotta send it to you."

As the pair bonded over music, he teased he'd love to do "something new" with the star - an idea she seemed totally on board with.

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