Dior teams up with ERL for a capsule collection

Eli Russell Linnetz, creative director and founder of ERL was invited as the guest designer to explore and reimagine Dior’s rich archives with Kim Jones, the artist director of the house.

From the quilted puffed-up iconic Saddle Bag, to the mischievous take on grey blazer that reminds us of Kim Jones’ first show with Dior. This collection is a playful combination of the longstanding history of the house, harmoniously clashed with Linnetz’s signature slouching-hoodie silhouette. The ERL’s skater and laidback DNA adorned with elements like tinsel, patchworks, plaids and ocean-recovered polyester works seamlessly with Dior.

Linnetz looked into Gianfranco Ferré’s 1991’s collection since it was his birth year. The collection has successfully weaved the opulent house code and his own upbringing as a California native together. Plus point, the vibrant collection is also a resemblance of the Californian sunset sky.

The ERL capsule collection is now available in all stores.

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