Three-year-old's tear-jerking 'Dinosaurs in Love' song to be released on Spotify to raise funds for wildlife

Three-year-old's tear-jerking 'Dinosaurs in Love' song to be released on Spotify to raise funds for wildlife

A poignant song about dinosaurs written by the three-year-old daughter of British singer-songwriter Tom Rosenthal has gone viral, after he set the lyrics to music and shared it on Twitter.

Rosenthal, 33, has more than revealed to his 49,000 Instagram followers that ‘Dinosaurs in Love’ will now be released as a Spotify single after its huge success on social media.

His youngest daughter Fenn wrote the ballad, which has the following heartbreaking lyrics:

Dinosaurs eating people

Dinosaurs in love

Dinosaurs having a party

They eat fruit and cucumber

They fell in love

They say 'thank you'

A big bang came

And they died

Dinosaurs dinosaurs fell in love

But they didn't say goodbye

But they didn't say goodbye.

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The original Twitter post has been retweeted over 60,000 times at the time of writing, with over 200,00 likes.

However, Rosenthal told CNN his daughter can “just about count to 20” so she doesn’t really understand that half a million people have listened to the song.

It’s received attention from YouTube, Spotify and The Natural History Museum, amongst thousands of new online fans.

One person commented: ‘One day you're eating fruit and cucumber and the next you're extinct. Rough times.’

Another added: ‘The end hit me like a meteor’

Someone else tweeted: ‘this is the saddest sh** ive ever heard’ (sic).

On Instagram the musician wrote: “We’re going to release the song on @spotify and all the proceeds will go to a wildlife charity (tbc). What a strange strange life!”

And in the USA ‘Dinosaurs in Love’ even featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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Rosenthal is about to head off on a European tour, but regularly encourages Fenn and her six-year-old sister Bess to create their own songs.

This afternoon he revealed the song is now available on Spotify and other streaming platforms, with all proceeds being donated to two wildlife charities; WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation and Tree Sisters official.

Fenn and her sister Beth even created their own adorable ‘Dinosaurs in Love’ artwork to accompany the viral sensation.

However, according to CNN, Rosenthal wasn’t surprised that his daughter’s silly song was popular with his fans, considering one of his own numbers is called "Big Pot of Hummus."