Dimples Romana says husband was rushed to hospital again

Heidi Hsia

17 Dec – Dimples Romana recently revealed that husband Boyet Ahmee has been rushed to the hospital again.

As reported on Push, the actress shared the news on social media with a photo of the family at The Medical City hospital alongside good pal Angel Locsin, and revealed that she was filming "Kadenang Ginto" in Quezon City when daughter Callie called to tell her that Ahmee was spitting blood again.

"After that tough time we had a week ago, we were all nervous to go through it again. Told my bosses in KG right away and they were all very gracious and concerned and told me to leave if I really have to [because family comes first]. But I decided to stay and finish the last few scenes and called my brother to take my husband to the hospital instead," she said.

Thanking everybody who gave her the support and assistance throughout the trying times, Romana said that she is blessed to have all these people in her life who really made her feel secure and relieved.

She also expressed gratitude to Locsin, saying that the actress immediately went to the hospital to accompany her husband while she was filming.

As for her husband's condition, Romana assured that he is now stable and on his way to recovery.

It is noted that Ahmee was first rushed to the hospital after he was choking and spitting blood in early December, after deciding to consume food unsuitable for his yet-to-heal throat following his operation.

(Photo Source: Dimples Romana Instagram)