The Difference Between Real and Fake Silicone?

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The iPhone case market, online and on the high street, is riddled with fake silicone products. You should always choose a genuine produce because an iPhone case that is made of real silicone offers much better protection.

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Comparing an original silicone made iPhone cover, such as the PULEN iPhone cover, with fake iPhone cases can show the real differences. Furthermore, it is possible for consumers to distinguish between them, through this handy guide.

1 Product Material

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A real iPhone case is manufactured using a combination of a silicone gel protective sleeve and polycarbonate (PC) support. These two layers provide a good fixation for your device. Fake iPhone cases use a shell made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), and a layer of imitation silicone gel is spray-painted onto the surface. This achieves a look that is similar to an original silicone gel. However, the protection offered is much worse when compared to original products such as those produced by PULEN.

2 Colors fade away

The color of iPhone cases that are made using real silicone gel will not fade as the color is fused to the molecular level. With fake products, the shell is only sprayed over with a layer of silicone-like paint that imitates the touch of real silicone gel. This paint coating will rub off with use and the color will fade away.

3 Firmness and Durability

A silicone case prevents scratches on the back of your iPhone. With prolonged use, this case is subjected to a lot of stress, and it can tear. A real silicone case is strong and durable, and it will not tear easily because it has embedded flannelette. A real iPhone case is a product of high workmanship, the flannelette thickness and the glue strength are highest. You cannot completely peel the flannelette from a mobile phone case made with real silicone gel.

In contrast, a fake silicone gel iPhone shell is poorly made. The flannelette is a thin layer, which looks like a piece of paper. It tears away easily, and the whole piece falls right off. Checking the firmness of the flannelette is a good way to determine whether the mobile phone case that you use is a real silicone mobile phone case or not.

4 Elasticity and High Protection

There is a big difference between the level of protection that you get with a real silicone iPhone cover and a fake one. Real silicone has high elastic properties; therefore, it offers high protection. If an iPhone falls to the floor, a real silicone case will absorb the impact, and it would provide a better bounce, much higher than a fake silicone cover can provide.

5 How does it Feel?

You can feel the difference between a real silicon case and a fake one by simply touching it. Real silicone feels stretchy but tough. Good silicone gel is almost as soft as a liquid. A TPU plastic iPhone cover will feel different.

A real silicone case cannot be folded in half because it has a double-layer internal structure with a relatively firm PC frame embedded within it. This changes the way that it feels and gives a higher level of protection too. A fake silicone shell is usually only a thin layer of plastic, so it can easily be folded in half. Therefore, if you can fold your mobile shell in half, then it is likely to be a fake!

6 Tensile Rebound

Tensile rebound is an important quality of a real silicone gel iPhone cover. Tensile strength means that a material can withstand being stretched or pulled before it breaks. If you have a real silicone iPhone case, you will be able to pull it out of shape and it will spring back. As you can see from the photo below, the fake silicone case is not as stretchy. A fake silicone iPhone cover will not go back to its original shape after being stretched, even worse it may snap.

How to Buy a Genuine Silicone Case for your iPhone?

Technically, you would expose the material to different temperatures, or do a combustion test to be certain about the material quality. However, this is not practical when you’re shopping. The easiest way is to check if the product mentions ‘silicone’ as a material in its product description. But many fake manufacturers will fake their product description as well. If you’re buying online, you could get a refund if a fake product is delivered to you. This would of course depend on the website you buy it from.

But, if you are shopping for an iPhone case in person, then you can tell by the look and feel of the product. You can even take a friend’s silicone iPhone case along as a sample, it is always easier when you have something to compare it to.

To be entirely sure, you can choose to buy from a trusted brand, like PULEN. PULEN iPhone cases are made with real silicone gel, and the color will not fade. They come in 5 different colors, including sand pink and sage green. PULEN cases also support wireless charging.

iPhone cases made with real silicone gel are shockproof and offer camera protection as well. The buttons are soft and easy to press, and it feels comfortable to touch. PULEN silicone iPhone case will keep your iPhone well protected and scratch-free.

With PULEN cases, you can be sure that it’s real silicone!

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