Did Selling Sunset's Bre Tiesi and Michael B. Jordan date?

selling sunset bre and michael b jordan date
Did Selling Sunset's Bre date Michael B. Jordan? Getty/Karwai Tang - Netflix

This season of Netflix's Selling Sunset was full of surprising revelations, from learning about Chrishell's Las Vegas wedding to G Flip, to finding out the Oppenheim Group is getting a new office, to the arrival of new agent Cassandra, there were surprising twist and turns at every scene. However, possibly one of the most surprising things we found out this season, is that Bre Tiesi alleged she been intimate with Michael B. Jordan. Yes, the Michael B. Jordan.

In case you haven't seen the scene yet, let us give you a quick update. In episode one 'The Real Estate Apocalypse' Bre attends a dinner with Amanza, Emma and Chrishell.

Chrishell turns the conversation to celebrity crushes, asking the group: "Who would you sleep with celebrity-wise? Who would you pick?"

Amanza then picked Michael B. Jordan and Bre then quickly replied saying: "I could do that and I've done that," essentially claiming she had been intimate with Michael, causing the rest of the women to laugh and express their jealousy. Bre then went onto clarify: "I've slept with all my favourites, just kidding."

bre selling sunset michael b jordan

So was Bre kidding about Michael B. Jordan? Or was she serious about him?

Well right now we don't know for sure if the two have dated or spent time together romantically. Bre has not commented further on the situation and neither has Michael.

However, one person who has shared their thoughts on the situation is Nick Cannon, who Bre shares a son Legendary with.

Nick was asked by TMZ his thoughts on Bre's claims and he said: "That's way before me, everybody got a past."

During the same episode of Selling Sunset, Bre gave an update on her relationship with Nick, saying she was happy with their current situation.

"I love Nick," she said. "I'm happy with my relationship, however that is, like, if I date, I date."

We guess we'll have to wait until the reunion airs on 16th November to potentially find out more about Bre's story.

Selling Sunset season seven is available on Netflix now

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