When Did You Realize You Had Bad Parents?

Parenting is a damn hard job, one that even the best parents can screw up. But, sadly, not everyone who becomes a parent is cut out for it. And many simply aren’t any good at it.

A mom who looks exhausted staring at her kids who are laying on the bed
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If your parents fall into the latter category, we want to hear about the moment you realized you parents weren't good at parenting.

Maybe one day growing up you realized that, while your parents always had plenty of expensive new clothes, yours were faded and patched over numerous times.

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Or maybe you had an epiphany as you navigated around a perpetually messy home and were forced to make your own meals…or even meals for your parents.

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It’s also possible you went to a friend’s house and saw that their parents acted totally different than yours, and it became clear your home life was seriously lacking.

A mom baking with her daughter
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Or perhaps it was only after you had kids of your own that you realized the way your parents raised you was all wrong.

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Whatever your moment of realization was, we want to hear it. Share it anonymously here or in the comments below and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.