Dickson Yu's work and personal life affected by COVID-19

28 Feb – Dickson Yu states that both his work and personal life have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who spoke to the media recently, shared that he was originally scheduled to shoot an advertisement for a sports brand, but it had been postponed to April.

In addition, Dickson, who has his own YouTube channel where he shares his love of football and food, even had to stop making videos about delicacies in Hong Kong so as to not encourage people to go out too much.

"We only talk about football. But people don't even want to play football right now. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department has closed all the courts, so I can only go to a private club to practice," he added.

Aside from the decrease of jobs and lack of social life, Dickson said that the coronavirus has affected his hospital visits too.

The actor, who went into a coma back in 2018 for heart problems, shared that his follow-up appointments with the doctors have been postponed indefinitely to make way for the coronavirus patients and to ensure his own health.

(Photo Source: Dickson Yu Instagram)