Dickson Yu rumoured to be dating Chrissie Chau

3 Sep – Rumours are rife that Chrissie Chau is now dating fellow Hong Kong actor Dickson Yu.

As reported on HK01, tabloid magazine NEXT recently alleged that the two actors have been dating for the past three months, and were even caught watching a movie and going to Joey Yung's recent concert together.

However, due to their cautious nature, it is said that Chrissie and Dickson were able to maintain a low profile and avoid the paparazzi at every turn.

Sources claimed that the two of them started dating after becoming neighbours, following Dickson Yu's move to Chrissie's residential area in Tai Hang.

Prior to Dickson, Chrissie was rumoured with actors like Alex Fong, Kelvin Kwan, and her "Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons" co-star Show Luo. On the other hand, the actor has been romantically linked to his TVB colleagues like Sisley Choi and Louisa Mak.

However, when asked about it recently, Dickson denied dating the said movie actress, and stressed that the two of them are only good friends with each other.

"No need to congratulate me. I never thought about this before," he said.

He also refused to drew comparison between Chrissie and Sisley Choi, whom he considered to be his best friend.

(Photo Source: U Lifestyle)