Dickson Yu feels fortunate to survive previous coma

29 Nov – The news of Godfrey Gao's death has made Dickson Yu realise how fortunate he was that he escaped similar fate last year.

As reported on On CC, the actor, who went into coma in August 2018 after collapsing while playing a game of football with friends, stated that he has heard a lot of similar occurrences this year, and is saddened by it.

"I am very lucky to have woken up from my coma and to be able to speak to the media. I am fully recovered now and have returned to my usual lifestyle," he said.

Dickson also expressed hope that people will treasure their lives and realise that being young doesn't make one invincible.

"It is important to know your limits," he said.

The actor revealed that he has started exercising again, playing football, and spending time in the gym.

"But I won't push myself to the max again," he stressed.

Speaking about the previous condition, Dickson said that he collapsed due to arrhythmia.

"This disease has no symptom, so I would encourage everybody to do regular body checks. I check in with my doctor about every six months," he said.

Godfrey Gao passed away earlier this week after succumbing to a heart attack during the taping of reality show, "Chase Me".

(Photo Source: Dickson Yu Instagram)