Diablo IV Gets A Dose Of High Fashion Thanks To Han Kjøbenhavn

There’s been a growing trend of fashion and luxury houses collaborating with some of the world’s most famous video games. And the trend will not be slowing down anytime soon, especially with this latest collaboration between Han Kjøbenhavn and Diablo IV.

In recent times, we’ve seen cool collabs emerge with the likes of Dior x Gran Turismo 7 and Louis Vuitton x League of Legends. And not too long ago, Lacoste x Minecraft and Tag Heuer x Super Mario. However, this insatiable appetite to merge high fashion with gaming continues with Diablo IV and its collaboration with Danish fashion house Han Kjøbenhavn.

Han Kjøbenhavn x Diablo IV
Han Kjøbenhavn x Diablo IV

However, unlike some of these collaborations, Han Kjøbenhavn’s partnership with Diablo IV is not restricted to the virtual environment. At Milan Fashion Week, the ‘hellish’ world of Diablo came to life at the creative hands of Han Kjøbenhavn – a brand of men’s wear based out of Copenhagen founded by Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen in 2008.

Through this exclusive collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment, the Danish fashion house has crafted a selection of threads inspired by the hit game. Not only did this surprising partnership shock attendees in Milan but it also delivered a taster of what’s to come from the long-awaited video game.

Game On For High Fashion

Han Kjøbenhavn x Diablo IV not only highlights the unique synergy of the two cultural powerhouses, but it also allows fans of both universes will be able to flaunt the styles later this year. Part of the ensemble revealed at Milan Fashion Week included the “Chthonic Penumbra” collection –an artistic vision born from the dark corners of a genre-defining game.

The designs feature handcrafted elements in faux fur, vegan leather, feathers, and plenty of grey and black hues, with softer compliments of whites, pearls, and chrome throughout. The dramatic showcase according to both brands was meant to inspire images of “hell as a beautiful place”.

Attendees at the show were treated to a high concept journey through creative director Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen’s eye-catching sculptural designs, inspired by themes from the world of Sanctuary and Diablo IV’s mother of Demons, Lilith. The show was also accompanied by dystopian-themed audio and vibrant, blood-red fabrics, creating a dramatic, legendary experience.

Diablo IV Han Kjøbenhavn
Diablo IV Han Kjøbenhavn

The pret-á-porter collection is set to debut as part of the fall/winter 2023 ready-to-wear showcase. It will also be available for purchase in summer 2023, which ties into the release of Diablo IV. The game is the fourth and long-awaited continuation of the Diablo series, which was first introduced to the world in 1997.

Diablo IV was announced in late 2019 and has been in development for the past few years. However, Blizzard Entertainment is scheduled to drop the game in June 2023. Once it finally arrives, rest assured, some fans will get the opportunity to re-enter the world of Diablo and also flaunt its style in the real world with this collection of fashionable threads.

(Images: Blizzard Entertainment)