Diablo 4 gets its first major discount 3 months after launch, and it's a big one

 Diablo 4 treasure goblin animation
Diablo 4 treasure goblin animation

If you've been holding out for a sale before diving into Diablo 4, well, you didn't have to wait very long. The action RPG has just gotten a major discount across all platforms, less than three months after launch.

The sale runs until September 5 and promises discounts of "up to 25% off," according to a press release. The deal isn't live on consoles yet, but over on Battle.net you can pick up the Standard Edition of Diablo 4 for $54.59 (22% off, previously $69.99). If you want an upgrade, you can pick up the Digital Deluxe Edition for $71.99 (20% off, previously $89.99) or the Ultimate Edition for $74.99 (25% off, previously $99.99).

While there might have been an obscure discount on a physical console version of Diablo 4 at some point – if only through retailer-specific deals – this is certainly the biggest official sale the game's seen, and it's coming just under three months after the RPG's release. The gaming world tends to overestimate how indicative of a game's success early discounts actually are, but it is remarkable how big this sale is given it's so close to launch. Look, hi, it's me, I'm remarking on it.

This sale comes alongside another promotion running through September 5, which will see players earn 25% more gold and experience to help ease the grind a bit. In other words, in terms of both real and in-game money, now's a good time to grab Diablo 4.

Players have noted that Diablo 4's biggest Platinum bundles don't always save you money, so be careful when you're looking for deals.