Dharma Aizat shot "Banglo Berkunci" in only 10 days

The cast and crew of "Banglo Berkunci".

25 Nov – Director Dharma Aizat has a new movie called "Banglo Berkunci" which features a cast lineup made up of veteran and fresh talents.

According to Dharma, his choice to make a film of the horror genre was not because he is aiming for a high box office collection, but it was the request from the local audience which had influenced his decision.

Of the challenges faced while production was underway, the "Jalan Puncak Alam" director said that the tight filming schedule faced by him and the rest of the cast and crew was the hardest to overcome.

Dharma Aizat took up the challenge of making a movie within a short time frame.

"The hardest challenge I had to go through during production was the tight filming schedule. I only had 10 days to get all the filming done."

"Even looking at other films for example, it's impossible to get the filming done within only 10 days. But I accepted this anyway as I wanted to challenge myself," said Dharma when met at the gala premiere of "Banglo Berkunci" held yesterday at Cathay Cineplex, eCurve.

Added Dharma, he was also very satisfied with the commitment shown by the new actors.

"Banglo Berkunci" starring Intan Ladyana, Adiba Yunus, Fahmy Reza and more comes to cinemas this 26 November 2015.