Dewakan is now Malaysia’s only two Michelin-starred restaurant

dewakan two michelin star restaurant malaysia
dewakan two michelin star restaurant malaysia

Suppose there has ever been any doubt that Malaysia is well and truly one of the world’s most covetable culinary gems, fine-dining restaurant Dewakan’s recent Michelin two-star status will easily dispel them.

Announced earlier today during the second iteration of the Michelin Guide Ceremony, the brainchild of head chef and founder Darren Teoh was once again selected to receive one of the hospitality industry’s most recognisable accolades.

Dewakan becomes the highest-awarded Michelin restaurant in Malaysia with two stars

dewakan malaysia highest two michelin star restaurant
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This makes Dewakan the country’s highest-awarded restaurant in Michelin’s Malaysia list. Previously, they received a single star from last year’s inaugural Michelin Guide for Kuala Lumpur and Penang. As explained by the restaurant’s entry on the official Michelin Guide website, Dewakan is anchored by profound respect and reverence for local bounties, expressed through an elevation of indigenous ingredients with contemporary techniques.


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It’s name – a portmanteau of the Malay words ‘Dewa’ and ‘Makanan’ – which translates to English as ‘Food of the Gods’, is not surprising, considering the Michelin-starred restaurant’s menus have inspired nothing but high praise across Malaysia and the region.

auntie gaik lean michelin star restaurant malaysia 2023
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Dewakan aside, Chef Raymond Tham’s Beta was also awarded its very first Michelin star. This is on top of Kuala Lumpur’s DC by Darren Chin, as well as Penang’s Restaurant Au Jardin and Auntie Gaek Lean’s, which have all managed to retain their one-star Michelin ratings from the year before.

As for other Michelin categories this year, 25 new names have been added to the Michelin Selected listing; 16 from the nation’s metropolitan capital, and nine from the Pearl of the Orient. This brings the total number of Select eateries to 77. In its entirety, this year’s Michelin Guide has seen the inclusion of 127 restaurants and eateries, featuring up to 30 different cuisines.


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