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1. Decide if it's the right decision.

First things first; is it the right time for you to buy a house? Yes, over 80% of the UK claims to want to buy a home, but don't do it just because you think you should! If renting for a little longer would free up more of a deposit, perhaps you'd be better waiting?

Credits: homify / New Images Ltd

A detached family home with two sides

Today on homify 360°, we take a look at a private residential house located in Hadley Wood, north London, completed by the experts over at NEW IMAGES LTD.

Built from the ground up, this new abode flaunts that “brand new home” style, as well as various sleek touches, from floor tiles and glazed windows to a magnificent garden at the back – oh, did we mention the house comes with an abundance of space as well?

See for yourself...